The Great Academy of Gastronomy (G.A.G) contacted you urgently because they are in need of your services: the INSIPIDS struck again. You are the only person who can help the G.A.G!

Live an adventure that will allow you to discover many French regions, a true gastronomic quest. You will meet many colorful characters who will help you investigate.
The game starts in Paris: you will have to accomplish many missions and win minigames to achieve your goals.
GOURMET QUEST consists of several episodes.  By downloading this application, you will be able to play the first episode for free; the two following episodes are offered for sale.

Episode 1: The vineyards of Montmartre (Paris and its region)
Episode 2: Thomas Jefferson's wine cellar book (Bordeaux and its region)
Episode 3: The Three Musketeers of taste (Toulouse and its region)

You can also challenge your friends by playing our free QUIZ. Play on your own or with friends and family, refine your gastronomic knowledge, and level up to the prestigious title of "Grand Gourmet"!

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